Arbitrariness of public security agents attacks against educational institutions

In common, the police action in the public schools of the DF and ENFF was based on abuse of

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authority, threat to physical and psychological integrity and violation of legal processes

By Lizely Borges
Pagina do MST

The use of police force in the actions of vacating of public schools in the Federal District was the subject of a public hearing held this afternoon (November 7, 2016), in the Legislative Chamber of the DF, in Brasília. The event was convened by the deputy district attorney Wasny de Roure (PT) and the president of the House's Human Rights Commission, Ricardo Vale (PT). The activity was attended by secondary school students, parliamentarians and defense and student support organizations.

Contrary to Provisional Measure (MP) 746/2016 for the restructuring of secondary education and the Constitutional Amendment Proposal (PEC) 55/2016 which establishes a freeze on spending on primary policies such as health and education and for the defense of a plural and diverse public education , the students of the federal district followed the national resistance movement to the federal government's austerity measures and joined the more than a thousand institutions of education occupied, between universities and public schools, under the control of the students.

According to the student organization collective that articulates the actions in the DF, the Student Guild, in the last two weeks students occupied about 50 of the 86 high schools installed in the capital and satellite cities.

The evacuation actions by the Military Police, with strong support from reactionary groups, occurred more intensely in the last week, by determination of the Federal District Court and Territories (TJDFT). Since then, students have denounced the excesses of the action of the agents of the Justice System in repressing the movement.

During the public hearing and press conference held on 02, they listed a set of violations of rights to free expression and self-organization and to the physical and psychological integrity of adolescents.

"There is no need for police action to be taken. There was helicopter in Planaltina [satellite-city] flying over school, for example. Are we dealing with students or criminals who need to be isolated from society? ", Questions the leadership of the Brazilian Union of Secondary Students (UBES), Thais de Oliveira.

Parallel with National School Florestan Fernandes (ENFF)

The performance of the Federal District Justice System, on its various fronts, parallels the intensification of the repression of popular movements. Human rights defenders and students identify similarities between authoritarian state practices in student evictions and the São Paulo Civil Police action at the Florestan Fernandes National School (ENFF), located in Guararema (SP), last Friday (04) . The police practice at the MST training school was several times cited in the public hearing as an example of the progressive repression action of the Brazilian State.

Under the justification of the execution of a judicial arrest warrant, originating from the Jurisdiction of the County of Quedas do Iguaçu- PR, the police invaded the headquarters of the School without presenting a physical injunction, just an image on the cell phone, which violates legal proceedings for such action.

The truculent action of the civil police, named "Castra", involved three states, Paraná, São Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul, and its main objective was to arrest and criminalize the leaders of the Camps Dom Tomás Balduino and Heirs of the Fight for the Earth, militants Settlements of the central region of Paraná.

"Police abuses committed in forced evictions in schools, including illegal practices authorized by the Judiciary, are closely related to events at the ENFF where lawless police officers invaded the school and committed various abuses, threatening, assaulting and arresting several people on the spot" , Analyzes one of the lawyers responsible for the case, Diego Vedovatto, in the report on violations practiced in the action.

For him, the actions of the military police in a space reserved for the construction of knowledge and the non-guarantee of protection to the citizen, whether adolescents or human rights defenders, reveal the reversal of the State's role in social protection - from protective agents to violators of rights . "Schools, both secondary and ENFF, are spaces for the promotion of democratic values, which need to be protected and not violated. This reveals the state of emergency in the country, "he adds.

Physical and psychological violence

According to the students, the violent action of the military police was intensified after the determination, on October 30, of the judge of the Court of Justice of the Federal District and Territories (TJDFT), Alex Costa de Oliveira , Creating a context of "habitability restraint" in schools as a way to pressure the vacancy of the Asa Branca Teaching Center (Cemab) in Taguatinga. The measure included the suspension of water, gas and energy supplies, the denial of access of relatives and acquaintances to school, interruption of food supply and the continuous use of sound instruments. According to the injunction signed by the judge, these would be "techniques [which] will help to convince the unemployed."

The following day (31), students report that they have suffered a number of violations. "Students of the evacuation movement attacked the school with Molotov cocktail, bombs, white arms, firearms threats. There was physical violence to students who were in school and the police intervened only after the Unoccupy movement was inside the school, "reports student Francisco Franco. The young man highlights the disproportionality in the police action and number of students in the occupation. "We are a student, we were fifty students inside a school and they had more than three hundred Bope police, with tactics of war for over 50 students. We are fighting for education, we are inside our school, now a tactic of war against 50 students who are there for an ideal, "he says.

The authorization by Judge Alex was extended to other schools by decision of the TJDFT judge, Newton Mendes Aragão Filho. Students who occupied the Gisno Educational Center, located in Asa Norte, report that at dawn on the 2nd of this month a Special Operations Battalion (BOPE) vehicle parked in the school, people went through the corridors and verbally bullied students who slept in a Of the rooms. "A police car stopped, the lights went out at 4 o'clock in the morning, and there were people running around the school, we heard the beat of our shoes. That's what we had to deal with on a daily basis, "says Gisno's student Marcelo Vinicius. Both schools were vacated on November 1st and 4th, respectively.

A group of senators filed a lawsuit with the National Justice Council (CNJ) against Judge Alex, framing the magistrate's measure as a torture practice. During the hearing the district deputy Chico Vigilante (PT) reinforced the need to take the case to the CNJ. "A judge of law who takes care of the Childhood and Adolescence Court and orders to torture students, young people, with intermittent horns and horns is torture ... We have to have the courage to do representation, (...), we have to know if The ministers agree with this arbitrariness, "he announces.

The use of the police force was also present in the invasion of the PM in the ENFF. In a statement to the police station of Guararema, the teacher and resident of the Training School, Ronaldo Valença, 64, reported that, when asked by the PM to present the identification documents to the people present at the entrance of the school, and before the Ronaldo's response that he was going to get his document, the professor says that one of the police officers jumped the window of access to the ENFF, declared a prison sentence to the professor and handcuffed him, throwing him hard to the ground.

With Parkinson's, Ronaldo had a fractured rib detected by X-ray examination at the local health post, as a result of punching and kicking of PMs when he was already immobilized. The teacher also reports that at the moment, shots were fired by the police as a way to drive people who try to help him. At the time another member of the School was injured.

Lawyers in the case point out that police carry lethal weapons against unarmed people, posing risks to the physical integrity of children, adults and elderly people present at the time of the invasion. Even in the absence of resistance from the people, police also made verbal threats to those present. "I think you're going to lose. I think someone will get out of here. It could be us, it could be you, "intimidates an unidentified police officer in a video run by the press.

Violation of legal proceedings

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The action at the Florestan Fernandes School presents, according to the legal body, a set of illegal practices. Failure to comply with legal norms of performance include: failure to file a physical injunction determined by the local court - the lawyers present at the school were only the image of a cell phone - the violation of domicile and the fact that the police were not properly identified, Ultimate goal is to criminalize the popular struggle in the country.

Students report that no reintegration orders have been submitted to them in Gisno, Elefante Branco and Centro de Ensino Médio Seco Oeste (Censo). In the evacuation in Cemab we had to leave without right of presence and lawyers and they said that we had an hour to leave. By the time the lawyers arrived, we had vacated. They just read the warrant because we asked, "says the student, Jessica Beatriz.

Public safety response

In a statement released on 04, the Civil Police of Mogi das Cruzes, responsible for the action, reported that the command was received in the ENFF with violence. The statement said that "about 200 people who were present tried to disarm the agents". The contents of the note contradict images of the National School security camera, posted on social networks, registered photographs and Ronaldo's testimony, which reports that there was no resistance to action or aggression to security agents, especially as a result of physical fragility.
Police commander in the evacuation of the school in Taguatinha.

There is also contradiction in the versions of the students and public power of the DF. During the public hearing the speech of the Department of Public Security of the Federal District was challenged by students and human rights defenders. The Public Security Secretary, Márcia de Alencar Araújo, said that Governor Rodrigo Rollemberg (PSB) advised that "the progressive use of force should not be used" and that "the police presence was made exclusively to monitor the reintegrations ". In response to the speech, the students gave details of the contexts of violence they suffered and supporters showed student audio calling for help. "The secretary said here there was no violence - either he does not know what happened in the schools or he is lying," denounces the tutor, Vinicius Lobão.

Dialogue building

The Secretary of Education of the DF, Julio Gregorio, announced the holding of forums in the 14 regional schools this and next year for discussion with students, teachers and managers on reorganization of high school - one of the demands defended with intensity by adolescents. According to the advice of the Secretariat, the first activity should occur on November 24, in Ceilândia. In consultation, the students said they did not know the activity, however they value the action. They also claim to regret that the design of the consultation did not include the contributions of adolescents.

Image 1: In a public hearing in the Federal District Chamber, secondary students denounce the police action in the evictions. Photo Media Ninja

Image 2: Civil police action at the ENFF, in Guararema, São Paulo. Photo: MST