Via Campesina International denounces the growing criminalization and persecution of the peasantry in Brazil

"The peoples of the world have the right to resist and protest against neoliberal policies that reduce our rights and harm our lives"

From Via Campesina

Via Campesina, an international peasant movement, denounces the triple alliance between the coup government of Temer, transactional interests and the mass media, which seek to create a scenario in public opinion to criminalize social movements in Brazil from their legitimate right to resist And to protest.

Since its acquisition of power, the Temer government has strengthened the neoliberal project of reducing labor costs, delivering resources to the privileged, privatizing and giving privileges to agribusiness to the detriment of the popular, peasant, indigenous, and poorer populations; Resources previously allocated to the public sector, such as education, health, and workers 'and workers' rights, were trampled underfoot days after its inauguration. Imposing a policy of fear, persecution and criminalization orchestrated by the media such as Rede Globo, where our comrades are presented as criminals, thus violating their civil rights and their right to organize.

In the face of recent events against the Landless Workers Movement (MST) in Brazil, a member of Via Campesina, we express the concern that these attacks on civil rights are a cause of concern and that social movements are to be criminalized.

In this sense, as Via Campesina International we are promoting a Declaration of Peasant Rights

within the United Nations, where we emphasize that it is urgent that the rights of peasants and peasants be guaranteed freedom of association and organization, as well as the right not to be criminalized for their legitimate struggles.

As an international movement, we look with concern on this type of hate policy that consolidates with right-wing governments in power; So we denounce and call on our organizations, friends and allies to keep us alert so that these actions of persecution, incarceration and criminalization are not repeated, because the only thing they provoke is a serious weakening of democracy.

The peoples of the world have the right to resist and protest against neoliberal policies that reduce our rights and harm our lives. That is why, as Via Campesina, we have joined the voices of denunciation and resistance of hundreds of organizations, public figures, academics and artists from different continents, worldwide, who have expressed their solidarity and support to the MST and the organized peoples of the Brazil.

The MST is not alone!
Globalize struggle, globalize hope!

November 10, 2016