Police state: MST is accused of being a criminal organization

On Friday (November 4) the coup plotters took a big step towards the persecution of popular movements. After the invasion of a training school, members of the MST were arrested accused among other things of constituting a "criminal organization". The accusation has not yet fallen on the entire Landless Movement, but this is a matter of time.

For years the bourgeoisie has sought to frame, to incriminate the landless, homeless. With the coup d'etat this attempt can be realized more easily; And this with a permanent campaign of the monopoly of the press that characterizes the movement like criminal, terrorist.

According to reports, the police operation at the Florestan Fernandes National School (ENFF) in Guararema (SP) was spectacular. About 10 vehicles surrounded the site. The police entered jumping doors and windows, without judicial warrant, with heavy armament and firing; Causing a climate of terror among the workers. In addition to the invasion of the school, actions were taken in Paraná and Mato Grosso do Sul in places also linked to the movement.

At Florestan Fernandes School, at least two people were arrested, accused of being in contempt of authority, and others were injured. After invading the police, they stayed on the scene for hours waiting for an arrest warrant against a person who was not even there.

Throughout the country, the action resulted in the arrest of 14 members of the MST as members of a criminal organization, accused of theft and qualified damage, robbery, property trespass, arson, private jail and possession of illegal weapon, among other crimes.

The coup plotters want to frame as a criminal organization any organization that can offer any resistance to their plans of scorched earth for the country. They pretend to accuse, demoralize, dismantle, destroy all remnants of organization that may result in mobilization against their neoliberal policy, of total submission to imperialism.

In this search for "criminal organizations", will be framed unions, parties and other leftist organizations, even the most moderate; But not the fascist, right-wing parties that are already beginning to rise, such as those who are working with MBL (Movimento Brasil Livre), to force an end to the occupations of schools and universities.

It is necessary to denounce and resist this onslaught of the coup leaders, the fascist right and their press. Defending the MST as well as preventing the arrest of former President Lula is a matter of survival for the left. It is the fundamental task of the moment of all the progressive and democratic sectors of society.