Syngenta convicted in Brazil! Justice finds company responsible for armed attack on encamped rural workers.

The court sentence, given by Judge Pedro Ivo Moreiro, of the 1st Civil Court of Cascavel, was published in the Paraná State Official Gazette this Tuesday (November 17, 2015). The sentence rules that the company shall pay compensation to Keno’s family and to Isabel for the moral and material damage it caused.


StedileThe National Directorate of the Landless Workers Movement (MST) issues this statement to repudiate the assault suffered by the member of the national coordination of MST, João Pedro Stédile, at the airport of the city of Fortaleza, Ceará, this Thursday (September 22, 2015) evening. [Ed. video:]

TIAA-CREF, U.S. Investment Giant, Accused of Land Grabs in Brazil

SÃO PAULO, Brazil — As an American investment giant that manages the retirement savings of millions of university administrators, public school teachers and others, TIAA-CREF prides itself on upholding socially responsible values, even celebrating its role in drafting United Nations principles for buying farmland that promote transparency, environmental sustai

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"We need to create a political front to think ahead and have an alternative project to the bourgeoisie," says Stedile

In an interview with Brazil de Fato, João Pedro Stedile, national MST leader, analyzes the moment experienced by the Brazilian society and points out the challenges that the progressive sectors must face: "Do not move yet to build an alternative program."

Battle of Ideas: 2015 The Year of Political Education

To train for struggle and for life. Besides engaging in struggle, the MST believes that to build a more just society, the activists and the base must study. So 2015 will be the year of the political education of the Movement and the battle of ideas.

In the view of Geraldo Gasparin, from the MST training sector, political education fulfills an important task for the organization. In each historical moment, it creates the subjective conditions for the Movement to meet its goals.