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Tne Bay Area Chapter of the FMST supported and participated in the occupation of the Gill Tract.  For information, articles, press releases on the occupation, click HERE.


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Chicago Chapter


Chicago will host two days of events to honor the International Day of Peasant struggle:

International Day of Pesant Struggle 2012

For a copy of this flyer, click on the link below.

San Francisco Chapter - International Day of Peasant Struggle 2011 Event

On April 17th in San Francisco, California, one hundred people gathered to grow solidarity between food justice movements in the cities and the food sovereignty organizations in California and beyond. Organized by the Bay Area Friends of the MST, the celebration for the International Day of Peasant Struggle was held at the San Francisco Art Institute and co-sponsored by the Urban Studies Department of the Institute.

ENFF: 10 Years in Training and the Struggle for Agrarian Reform

You've beeAAENFF Logon following all these years our activities in the struggle for agrarian reform and a Brazilian society with more equality and social justice.

The political-ideological training and the educational process are as important to the MST as conquering the land in order to work and produce food.

Therefore, we are sending a proposal (click here) for you to engage in our movement, helping in the training processes and maintenance of Florestan Fernandes National School.

We are asking for your participation and solidarity. We count on you!

Sincerely, on behalf of all the MST militants and Brazilian popular movements:

Joao Pedro Stedile, MST National Coordination and Via Campesina, and Erivan Hilario administrative collective of ENFF.

For a video on ENFF, click here.