AGRO IS TOXIC: Are we the country that consumes the most pesticides on the planet?!

In this first text of the special series “Agro is Toxic”, we talk about a matter of concern: Brazil stands out as the largest consumer of pesticides in volume on the planet

The year 2020 is almost over and is already considered atypical: the living and livelihood conditions of workers have been severely affected. Brazil has the sad record of 165,811 deaths from the new coronavirus until the date of publication of this text.

On the other hand, there are sectors of the economy and business groups that celebrate achievements and profits in this period. This is what happens with the agribusiness industry, which profited in this pandemic year, while the social crisis deepens: from January to July this year, the agribusiness GDP grew by 6.75% - a percentage that is equivalent to R $ 109 billion in income. The data(link is external) are from the Center for Advanced Studies in Applied Economics (Cepea), University of São Paulo.

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