The failure of Parliamentary Inquiry Commission against the Landless Workers Movement

The Parliamentary Inquiry Comission comes to an end and did not bring forward any real problems in the Brazilian country, on the contrary, it was another political platform for the former president Jair Bolsonaro right wing supporters

he Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (CPI) against the Landless Rural Workers Movement (MST) came to an end this Wednesday (27) with an agromilitary bench political defeat. In the end, the far right was unable to even put the report prepared by Ricardo Salles to a vote.


MST sought to make lemonade out of the CPI’s lemons

he Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI) against the Landless Rural Workers Movement (MST) ended in a major defeat for the movement’s detractors. The commission, headed by deputies Lieutenant Colonel Zucco (Republicanos-RS) and Ricardo Salles (PL-PSP) was closed on September 27th, without the final report being voted on.

Both sought greater political prominence with the CPI but were unable to burst through the bubble of their ideological niches. In addition, Salles’ attempt to run for mayor of São Paulo failed, and in turn, Zucco became better known for his attacks on congresswoman Sâmia Bonfim (PSOL-SP), who denounced him for sexism and homophobia, than for the agenda of the CPI itself.

Deputados at CPI wear MST hats