On 13th day of Hunger Strike, protests and family visits

Monday, August 13, 2018
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Brasil de Fato | Edition: Pedro Ribeiro Nogueira | Translated by Aline Scátola

Despite extreme food deprivation, hunger strikers stay strong and receive support and love from their families

The Hunger Strike for Justice in the Supreme Court, staged in Brasília, reached the 13th-day mark on Sunday, as the seven Brazilian activists keep their spirits high to continue their struggle, despite the difficulties resulting from extreme food deprivation. A Religious Ceremony Against Hunger and in Defense of Democracy was performed yesterday outside Supreme Court Justice Edson Fachin’s house.

After the demonstration, the hunger strikers celebrated Brazil’s Father’s Day with their families, including renowned singer and songwriter Chico César, who is the brother of one of the activists, Luiz “Gegê” Gonzaga. Striker Jaime Amorim received the surprise visit of his wife and three kids, who are taking part in the National Free Lula March. The visitors cheered the hunger strikers up, as they are strengthening their resistance through symbolic moments like this.

Health care

Jaime Amorim, Vilmar Pacífico, Zonália Santos, Rafaela Alves, Frei Sergio Görgen, and Luiz “Gegê” Gonzaga, who have now reached 14 days without eating, and Leonardo Rodrigues, on the 8th day of hunger strike, are being monitored by an exclusive medical team and receiving extra care.

The activities carried out last Sunday have worn them out and three of the strikers became mildly dehydrated. Over the afternoon, the medical team interrupted the visits to let them rest and receive therapeutic massage in order to reduce muscle fatigue and headaches.

Other signs of deprivation the hunger strikers are experiencing are anxiety and irritability, but they say they will keep staging the protest.

Visits will be limited and activities will be assessed by the health care team on a daily basis in the following days.