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Dear Friends,

I am writing to you from the bolivarian planes in the state of Barinas, in the centre of Venezuela. I am here doing a percorrido as they say, to learn about the agrarian reform process in Venezuela. I am impressed. I am very impressed. After all, as the oriental proverb goes: "The eyes see more than the ears". Venezuela...

On Sunday, the 23rd of October, close to 121 million people will vote in Brazil’s Referendum on Disarmament. The Landless Workers’ Movement (MST) favors the prohibition of guns and ammunition sales, which will serve to impede the violence currently devastating Brazilian society.

There are currently more than 17 million guns in...

Dear Friends of the MST,

We are closely following the current hunger strike against the transposition of the São Francisco River. In this edition, we would like to give our solidarity to Bishop Flavio Cappio for his courageous decision to risk his own life in a final attempt to save the life of the river. He is prepared to pay the...

Dear Friends of the MST,

The nation of Brazil is living through a serious crisis and is in grave danger. The danger that threatens our nation is the result of the implementation of neoliberal policies that favor only national and international finance capital and the huge corporations that are dedicated to exports. This policy worsens...

Paraná will host Latin American School of Agroecology

Lúcia Nórcio
Reporter - Agência Brasil

Curitiba - Establishing an exchange network among peasant farmers throughout Latin America is one of the goals of the Latin American School of Agroecology, which will be inaugurated tomorrow (27) in the municipality of Lapa, in the...

Brazil is Going Through an Identity Crisis

An interview with João Pedro Stédile published in the August issue of the Newspaper of the Federal Justice Employees Union - RS SINTRAJUFE

How do you see the current political situation in Brazil?

Stédile: It’s very complicated. Brazil is going through a serious crisis. It’s not...

Dear friends of the MST,

The topic of corruption, which involves the current government and some of the political parties that support it, has seized the headlines. The media does not speak of anything else except “state corruption‿ as if it were an invention of the Workers Party government. This government is guilty precisely of...

Copy of the Open Letter printed August 24th in Brazil's O Globo Newspaper

(Translated from Portuguese)

The murder of our sister Dorothy Stang – martyr, Pará citizen of the year, and BOA Human Rights Awardee – by ruthless, lawless ranchers and loggers continues to be a horrible shock to all of us eight siblings, and to thousands...

Brazil at the Crossroads: Landless Movement Confronts Crisis of the Left
by Tarso Luís Ramos
August 2005

RIO DE JANEIRO - By all rights, social movements in Brazil should be flourishing. In
2002 Brazilians elected as their president Luíz Inácio “Lula

August 2005
from Rio Maria Bulletin


Pressure by regional, national, and international organizations in response to our June action alert, demanding that the Court of...