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Landless Democratize Education

Learning in order to implement our ideas. With this notion in mind, the Landless Workers’ Movement (MST) has taught over 50,000 landless workers to read and write in the last three years. Last week, the first graduating class of the MST’s Florestan Fernandes University, located in Guararema, São Paulo,...

New Death Threats against Landless Workers in Pernambuco
Prepared by: Joba Alves of the MST’s Human Rights Sector

Encamped workers from two separate encampments in Pernambuco have received death threats from armed militias in the municipality of Sertânia, desert region of the state.

Close to 20 families are currently...

Rural Workers Assassinated in Northern Mato Grosso
Police serve as private militia in land conflicts near Gleba Gama, the Nova Guarita region of Mato Grosso (MT)

Information Released by Brazil’s National Network of Popular Lawyers

Around 9:30am on November 16th, landless workers Vanderlei Macena Cruz and Mauro...

To access the Congressional Letter to Lula, visit the RFK Memorial's website:

Scroll down to 'Current News' and click on "Congressional Letter to President Lula: Regarding Dorothy Stang"

The World Bank’s contemporary agrarian policy:
aims, logics and lines of action
João Márcio Mendes Pereira
Historian, History doctorate student at Universidade Federal Fluminense/Brazil

[1 This is a condensed version of an article...

President Lula meets with wife of MST leader, José Rainha
By José Machio
[11/7/2005] Folha de São Paulo

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva met with Diolinda Aves de Souza, wife of MST leader José Rainha Jr., after he spoke in Assis, São Paulo.

Diolinda stated that she shared “a coffee" with the president – that he...

The first official visit by U.S. President George W. Bush to Brazil lasted less than 24 hours and provoked protests around the country.

In Brasília, the only city visited by Bush, around 40 protestors gathered at an icon of U.S. industry: McDonalds. With signs reading, “Bush Out‿, protestors entered the fast food restaurant, sat at...

Upsurge in Violence against Landless
by Marcelo Netto Rodrigues
[11/3/05-11/9/05] Brasil De Fato - Edition #140

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s indifference toward agrarian reform has contributed to an increase in rural violence and to the criminalization of the Landless Workers’ Movement (MST). In under a week, three...

[10/31/2005] Escalation of Violence Against Landless in Pernambuco

Since Thursday, October 27th, the state of Pernambuco has seen an extreme escalation of rural violence. In less than 4 days, 3 rural workers have been assassinated and a number of encamped families have been ambushed by hired gunmen.

After suffering constant...