MST Women Plan Actions for March 8: International Women's Day

Tuesday, March 6, 2018
Info Source: 
MST Website

"Those who do not move, do not feel the chains that hold her," this is the motto of the National Day of Struggle of the Landless Women that will gather thousands of peasants across the country from March 8 to 10. The women promoted great mobilizations and actions that aim to reject the coup government of Michel Temer, as well as all measures of his portfolio.

Social security reform and the struggle for democracy continue to be the main guidelines for mobilization. Other points such as the closure of rural schools and the lack of agricultural incentive for production in settlements and the precarious health will also be addressed.

The coup government of Michel Temer continues to implement a negative agenda whose sole objective is the withdrawal of the rights of the working class. To face this setback, women must understand what this impact is all about in their lives.

The task of the coup government in meeting the need for big capital to maintain its profits, downgrades women's work and contributes to violence, control of women's bodies and machismo gaining more and more space in our society.

Check here the National Day of Struggle for Landless Women 2018 (in Portuguese).