Valdir Released From Prison

José Valdir Misnerovicz (Valdir) was recently released from prison after being held for months on terrorism charges for leading occupations of land by the MST. Below is his letter of thanks to all of his supporters:


“Freedom, this word that feeds the human dream,   that no one can explain and no one can understand”

Cecilia Meirelles

Brazilian Senate Approves the Indictment Against Dilma and the Impeachment Approaches the Final Phase

The final trial, which will be carried out in the last days of August, will define the destiny of the Brazilian democracy.

By 59 votes against 21, the Senate approved last Tuesday (August 10, 2016) the rapporteur of Senator Antonio Anastasia (PSDB-MG), which validates the denounce against President Dilma Rousseff for a liability crime. Now Dilma is going to final trial by the plenary of the Senate.

The MST condemns massacre on Guarani Kaiowa lands in the state of Mato Grosso.

“The sugar cane, beef and soy of Mato Grosso are stained with the blood of the indigenous”, declares one passage of the statement.

Last Friday the MST released a statement vehemently condemning the massacre committed against the Guarani and Kaiowa community in the interior of South Mato Grosso in which 20 people suffered gunshot wounds and an indigenous man, Clodiodi Aquileu Rodrigues, was brutally murdered.