The Landless of yesterday, of today and of tomorrow

11th of February 2014Lutar

By Marina dos Santos

from Carta Capital

Just as with many land occupations, the Landless Workers Movement was born at the end of a long dark night. The dawn of workers strikes, the campaign for general and unrestricted amnesty, the new urban social movements and “Rights-Now” that enclosed the military dictatorship, also permitted the retaking of the struggle for land and for agrarian reform in Brazil.


The 6th Congress of the MST adopted an “Agrarian Program” after two years of analysis and debate throughout the hundreds of settlements Agrarian Program Bookletand encampments of the MST. The Agrarian Program is the MST’s analysis of the current political and economic conditions in Brazil and throughout the world and will guide the MST’s struggle for agrarian reform and a more just society over the next five years.

Encampment for the Sixth National Congress is the size of four soccer fields

February 9, 2014

The 6th National Congress of the MST, taking place from February 10-14 in the Nilson Nelson Gymnasium in Brasília, hopes to bring together nearly sixteen thousand delegates from 23 Brazilian states, as well as 250 international guests.

In preparation for the event, a large encampment is being constructed around the Gymnasium — the equivalent of a small city — with a total area larger than four soccer fields.

Mistica at Congress Opening Revives the 30-year history of the MST

By Pedro Rafael FerreiraOpening Mistica

Photos by Leonardo Melgarejo

February 10, 2014

A story that does not fit in a book. Unless this book is as great as the people who know how to write their own history. And from the giant pages of a book, open in front of 15 thousand people, leaped out memories of a unique trajectory of political and social struggle in Brazil. 

Artist Donates Artwork to Help Fund MST Congress

Aliene de Souza Howell, a Brooklyn based artist has donated ten beautiful artworks to aid the Congress. These artworks were created by Aliene after her visit to an MST settlement in state of São Paulo. The artworks – eight oil on canvas paintings and two linocuts – display persons Aliene encountered while on MST settlements.

These artworks are being auctioned in an online auction to raise funds for the MST. Click HERE to participate in the auction.