Social movements release plan with 60 measures against covid-19 and economic crisis

Proposed actions seek to “protect life, health, jobs and income”

In sharp contrast to the disinformation campaign by president Jair Bolsonaro, and the neo liberal measures against workers by finance minister Paulo Guedes, the Brazil Popular Front and the Fearless People Front jointly released on Tuesday (31st), the Emergency Platform to Fight the Coronavirus Pandemic and Crisis in Brazil, which includes more than 60 suggested actions.

The collectives, which include social and student movements, unions, political parties, religious groups and civil society, alert that the Bolsonaro government didn’t enact effective measures against the spread of the coronavirus in Brazil, which later became the biggest threat to the security and well-being of the Brazilian population. Read the article here.

To fight the crisis, entities defend taxing the rich foreseeing R$270 billion

Entities involved in the fight for fiscal justice have come together to propose tributary changes, that may alleviate the economic crisis in Brazil amidst the coronavirus pandemic. In an open letter that is to be presented to Congress and the federal government, the group came up with a series of measures to tax banks and the wealthy, with this, raising funds that will help to contain the damage caused by covid-19. Read the article here.