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The Political Situation in Brazil

The Friends of the MST brings you a series of articles analyzing the current political situation in Brazil. Since we initiated this block, the impeachment  President Dilma Rousseff has progressed such that she has been temporarily removed from office. Now, President Rousseff is facing a trial in the Brazilian Senate to permanently removed her from office. Meanwhile, the Brazilian government is under the control of Michel Temer and forces seeking to fully restore a neoliberal economy and state. There have been significant developments, including the Brazilian Popular Front's call for international demonstrations during the time the Olympics are being stage, detailed elsewhere on this page.  We begin with the MST's analysis:

"Two months of neoliberal coup: against the people and the democracy"
by João Pedro Stédile

Brazil is experiencing a severe economic, political, social, and environmental crisis. We lived similar historical crises during the decade of 30, 60 and 80. All of them demanded great debates in society, huge political participation and disputes in the class struggle. Its outcome was always delayed and was only possible around a new project that could unite social base to support it. Or the ruling classes appealed to the military. Read more.

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