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The Coup and Its Aftermath

The Friends of the MST brings you a series of articles the parliamentarian coup that removed President Dilma Rousseff from office and its aftermath.   We begin with the MST's Statement:

MST Condemns the Coup: In a statement, the Movement states that the solution to the political, economic and social crisis we are experiencing is the unconditional defense of democracy. Read the Statement here.

Brazil’s Popular Front Rejects Coup: After the Senate’s voting on the impeachment against Dilma Rousseff, which put the last nail in the coffin of Brazilian democracy with 61 votes in favor of the impeachment and 20 against, the Popular Brazil Front, which gathers over 60 unions and popular movements, launched a communiqué rejecting the coup and supporting the overthrown President Dilma Rousseff. Read more here.

Temer Occupies the Presidential Seat Without the Popular Vote and Will Promote Budget Cuts and Privatizations: Read more here.

Coup in Brazil: The Farce Is Consummated, Now the Struggle Continues: Statement from Alba Movimientos on the Coup in Brazil

Out With Temer — Better Late Than Never By: João Pedro Stedile - The parliamentary/judicial/media coup was consummated after what seemed like a long episode of a soap opera whose ending was already known, because most of the actors had already being paid to play their role. Read more here.

Two days after impeachment, Temer government sanctions law authorizing fiscal pedaling - The new law authorizes the fiscal pedaling that was the  justification for Rousseff’s removal by the Senate on Wednesday (August 31). Read more here.

Major U.S. Labor, Human Rights, Environmental and Women’s Organizations Denounce “Legislative Coup” Against Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff - Read more here.

For more information on the background on the coup, please reference this page: The Political Situation in Brazil, which has links to numerous articles.