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FMST participates in People’s Climate March as part of U.S. Food Sovereignty Alliance

The FMST is a member organization of the U.S. Food Sovereignty Alliance (USFSA) and participated the People’s Climate March on Saturday, April 30, 2017. The march drew well over 100,000 people to Washington D.C. on a sweltering day. Marches were held throughout the country and the world to protest the disastrous policies on climate change by the Trump administration.

Friends of the MST and Family Farm Defenders Commemorate the International Day of Peasant Struggle

On April 17, members of the Friends of the MST (FMST) and Family Farm Defenders (FFD), a ​ Wisconsin based organization, commemorated the International Day of Peasant Struggle by holding two protests in Chicago: the first protest was at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) where the price fixing of agricultural products is centered.

New York FMST Participates in International Women's Day Activities

The New York chapter of the Friends of the MST participated in the March 8 International Women’s Day activities in New York City. The demonstration was organized by: INTERNATIONAL WOMENS STRIKE (US) and WOMEN'S INTERNATIONAL PARLIAMENT - a coalition representing dozens of grassroots groups and grassroots organizations, as well as organizing a series of actions in support of labor, Migrants and others.

Black and Afro-Indigenous Farmers Share 2015 Food Sovereignty Prize

In this moment when it is vital to assert that Black lives matter, the U.S. Food Sovereignty Food Sovereignty PrizeAlliance honors Black and Afro-Indigenous farmers, fishermen, and stewards of ancestral lands and water. We especially honor them as a vital part of food chain workers, who together are creating food sovereignty, meaning a world with healthy, ecologically produced food, and democratic control over food systems.