Lesbian women and participation in the agroecological production of the MST

Glaucia and Cris work in Copavi, in Paraná. They speak about living as a couple within the Movement and the agroecological practice

Breaking down all barriers and questioning the forms of sentimental relationships imposed by society so that all can be who they really are, are aspects that form a big part of the struggle of the MST, a movement that has a high level of participation of landless LGBT workers in its agroecological production.

Donations, acts and live broadcasts marked the launch of the Emergency Plan for People’s Agrarian Reform

MST proposal points to way out of crises

This Friday (June 5), World Environment Day, the MST launched the Emergency Plan for People’s Agrarian Reform, proposed by the Movement for Brazil with the aim of creating jobs, producing food, moving trade and guaranteeing income and decent living conditions for the people in the midst of the pandemic.

MST families and educators plant 1,000 trees in an encampment in Paraná

The action was part of the Training Course for the Pedagogical Collectives of the MST-PR Schools, which brought together 55 participants from 15 Schools in the countryside.

A thousand tree seedlings were planted at the Maila Sabrina camp, in Ortigueira, during the closing of the Training Course for Pedagogical Collectives of the Schools of the Landless Rural Workers Movement (MST) in Paraná.

Film about the MST and agroecology wins UN award

Video presents the agroecological production of the Contestado settlement, located in Lapa (PR), 60 kilometers from Curitiba

The short film “What is agroecology” won the Global Youth Video Contest on Climate Change - TVEBioMovies 2019, sponsored by the United Nations (UN). The film was produced by the young Rafael Forsetto and Kiane Assis, and won the category “food and human health.”

"We will continue the struggle and the defense of Education in the Countryside and the MST"

Manifesto of educators of the schools of settlements in Espirito Santo July 15, 2019

The MST held the 31st State Meeting of Educators of the Agrarian Reform Settlement Schools of Espírito Santo, held at the Center for Training of Family Agriculture in São Mateus, north of the state, on July 11, 12 and 13, 2019.