Egídio Brunetto Popular School: the constant construction of agroecological education

Located in the extreme south of Bahia, the Popular School of Agroecology and Agroforestry Egídio Brunetto proposes paths and methodologies for Agroecology

In a region of Atlantic Forest devastated by the advance of eucalyptus monoculture, pastures and coffee plantations, Sem Terra families have rewritten history in the extreme south of Bahia. And to create this new perspective on life and hope, these families experience, learn and teach ways to manage and recover severely damaged soils and agro-ecosystems.

Bringing all this wisdom together is the Egidio Brunetto Popular School of Agroecology and Agroforestry (EPAAEB), the MST training center in the region. The construction of the school took place amid a tension between development models, where the school becomes a pedagogical tool for rural workers who are in a constant process of struggle for the right to land and territory, says Dionara Ribeiro, from the pedagogical sector of School.