Special Report on the Brazilian Elections

Since Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva was barred from running for the president by the Supreme Electoral Court in October's election (a dcision upheld by the Supreme Court), the Workers Party (PT) has nominated a new slate for president and vice-president. Fenando Haddad, former MInster of Education, is the PT's presidential candiate and Manuela D’Ávila from the Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB) is the vice-presidential candidate.

Below are a series of reports on the status of the election, recent polls and commentaries. The FMST will continue to report on the October 7 election and likely second round to be held on October 28.

Letter from Lula: “Now Haddad will be Lula for millions of Brazilians”

Now on the ticket, Haddad says Lula is "a turning point in Brazil’s history"

Haddad visits Lula, says ex-president will not trade dignity for freedom

Brazilian election: Bolsonaro’s support stops growing, Haddad rises, poll says

Brazil faces ‘threat of contemporary dictatorship,’ Workers’ Party candidate says