Youth Collective

Constituted in mid-2006, this is the newest collective of the MST.  Y0outh has always been a part of the movement's structure.  However, having a collective facilitates more specific and organic discussions. A major challenge for the Collective has been the political educations of young people. Some of activities aimed at this challenge are:

* A training program carried out in 7 states serving about 700 youth.  It is expected that the program will more than double to reach 1,500 youth in 15 states.

*The Youth Collective National Seminars, involving about 300 youth, carried out in 2007 and 2007.

*Along with the Culture Collective and the Communications Sector, the Your Collective has designed courses to teach how to motivate individuals to take political action.

*The 2008 Rural and Urban Youth Gathering in Rio de Janeiro, which brought together 2,500 young people.