In an age of corporate-dominated media, the MST has developed outlets for their own voices and perspectives:Jornal Sem Terrs

Sem Terra Journal– The MST's newspaper is one of the longest uninterrupted published journals in a popular movement and was established 27 years ago.  Since 2007, the newspaper has included a special supplement for Journal of the Little Landlesslandless children (called "sem terrinha," or "the little landless);

Radio - MST partners with a network of community and university radio stations and medium range radio transmitters, in addition to its own 20 radio stations located in various settlements;

Website– On the Internet, since 1996, the MST is present on its website, which receives an average of 5,000 daily visits:;



Sem Terra Magazine – A bimonthly magazine created 10 years ago, which covers issue related to economy, politics, culturSem Terra Magazinee, and social movements nationally and internationally;

Digital Front - a group organizing community computer centers and developing free software.