Work, Study and Travel in Brazil

While the MST itself does not have the capacity to receive individual international volunteers, the Friends of the MST recommends the following internship, study abroad programs and reality tours for those interested in working in partnership with the MST.

Gobal Exchange Reality Tours: Global Exchange offers a variety of reality tours to Brazil. These tours include meetings with officials of the government and nongovernmental organizations. They also visit MST sites and have exchanges with MST members. For more info, please go to

Research in Brazil:  There are limited opportunities to conduct research with the MST in Brazil.  In order to apply, please send an email to, in Portuguese (if you are not able to communicate in Portuguese, please describe how you plan to communicate with the people of Brazil), asking for our questionnaire which we require to be completed as part of an application to study, research or work with the MST. The questionnaire includes questions such as these:

  1. What the purpose of the research is and how it will be conducted,
  2. Where you want to conduct the research and the time required,
  3. How you will fund the study,
  4. The end result of the project and how it will benefit the goals of the MST, and
  5. How the research will be used to promote the MST when you return home.