Chicago Gallery Hosts Presentations and Artwork from the MST

The Uri-Eichen Gallery in Chicago’s Mexican neighborhood of Pilsen hosted artwork and presentations on the MST and the rise of new democracy in Canoas, Brazil. MST posters, original oil paintings by Aliene de Souza Howell and products of worker’s cooperatives were all displayed in the gallery. Jeff Frank, National Coordinator of the Friends of the MST, gave a presentation on the history and struggle of the MST and Ruth Needleman, a professor emerita from Indiana University Labor Studies, gave a presentation on the rise of a new democracy in Canoas, Brazil. The well attended event was preceded by a presentation about the gallery, the MST and Brazil’s Workers Party by Ruth on Chicago’s public radio station.Aliene de Souza Howell - MST Portraits

MST Posters on Display  Workers' Collective Items At the Gallery