DVDs Available as Donation Gifts

Escola Nacional Florestan Fernandes:  Uma Escola em Construção (Florestan Fernandes National School: A School in Construction)  The story of ENFF from 2005-2010. Portuguese and Spanish with English Subtitles. 2010 - 14 minutes

Los Sin Tierra: Por Los Caminhos de America (The Landless: On the Patrhs of America):GHood history of the MST.  In Spanish and Portuguese with Engflish Subtitles.  2003 - 72 Minutes, by Miguel Barrios

Raiz Forte (Strong Roots): Documentary about the MST.  Portuguese with English subtitles. 2001 - 41 minutes.  ByAline Sasahara and Maria Luisa Mendonça

Sugar Slaves: Documentary about sugarcane workers in Brazil that portrays tehir difficult lives, violation of their basic rights and the environmental destrruction of extensive sugarcane monoculture.  Portuguese with English subtitles.  2009 - 25 minutes.  By Rede Social de Justiça e Direitos Humanos (www.social.org.br) [Social Network for Justice and Human Rights)