Diniz, A.S. and B. Gilbert (2013)"Socialist values and cooperation in Brazil’s landless rural workers’ movement." Latin American Perspectives 40(4): 19-34.

When the Movimento de Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra do Brasil (Movement of
Landless Rural Workers’ of Brazil—MST) occupies land and forms autonomous agricultural
communities, it aspires to achieve the supremacy of labor over capital and to embody
socialist values. However, a policy of organizing production cooperatives on its settlements
in the early 1990s was unsuccessful, principally because of a failure fully to respect
traditional forms of work and sociability. However, the MST learned from its early mistakes
and has since developed elaborate forms of informal and formal cooperation on land
that is essentially the common property of a democratic settlement association. It is therefore
living up to its socialist objectives and manifesting a real alternative to capitalist work
and property relations