[11/30/2005] Brazil’s Emir Sader Responds to CPMI

[11/30/2005] Brazil’s Emir Sader Responds to CPMI

Vile are the Brazilian Right
By Emir Sader

Vile are the latifúndio (large estates), the unjustly appropriated lands, maintained unproductive while millions of workers struggle for the right to live in the Brazilian countryside.

Vile is the violence in the countryside, encouraged by landowners and their political allies, tolerated and legitimized by the Justice System.

Vile are the attitudes of the Brazilian politicians, who have made our country the only country that never implemented Agrarian Reform.

Vile are the UDR, who protect unproductive land, prevent the democratization of land and impos their will using death and violence.

Vile is the Congressional Committee of Inquiry on Land Issues (CPMI), who placed itself at the service of those who massacre rural workers, instead of explaining to Brazilian society the reasons why Agrarian Reform has never been implemented.

Vile are the policies of the Government toward transgenic crops, who destroy family farmers and benefit only the interests of large transnational corporations such as Monsanto.

Vile are those who criminalize the landless workers who struggle for the inalienable right to work.

Vile are those who defend unproductive lands, while millions are without access to land.

Vile are the Brazilian elite, vile is the concentration of land, vile is social injustice, vile is the violence against the landless workers.

Vile are the deputies that approved the CPMI, who should be prosecuted for indecency toward the Brazilian people.

Vile, vile, vile are the Brazilian Right and those who do not defend the landless workers.

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