[12-02-2009] Landowners Evict Terena Indians Without a Court Order

The Military Police took action on the Buriti homelands Brasil do Fato, December 2, 2009 Today, 19 November, a group of landowners accompanied by armed security guards evicted without a court order the Terena (indigenous) community of 300 who had taken over part of the Buriti land in the municipality of Sidrolândia in Mato Grosso do Sul. A battalion of about 50 police participated in the military action. According to the Terena leadership, the eviction was made by the Military Police in joint action with the landowners and their bodyguards. "We wanted to talk with the commander of the PM, but he said 'there's no conversation, get out of here," said indigenous professor Hanaiti. The Indians left the area because there were several children and elderly among the group. Still, two elderly people were beaten in the eviction. The community will be camped about 500 meters from the farm Querência São José - where they were for more than a month. Colonel Bueno, the General Commander of the Military Police in Mato Grosso do Sul, affirmed that they are constantly patrolling the area "to avoid conflicts between the Indians and the owners." He said there was no order to the military police to evict the Indians. This morning, the 4th Military Police Company in Mato Grosso do Sul (PM-MS) had received information that a group from 80 to 100 armed landowners would be going to the farm Querência São José to expel the indigenous from the land. "In fact, we saw several trucks down there," said Major Rios - responsible for the 4th Company. He reported this to the General Command of the PM-MS. The Federal Police of Mato Grosso do Sul (PF-MS) confirmed that there was no court order for repossession in the region of the farm Querência São José. By the late afternoon, the PF-MS had not gone to the area not having been officially notified of the incident. According to the Terena leadership, the Military Police and the security forces of the local ranchers "will not intimidate us." "We are going to stay close. But for security, we will take away the elderly and children,” said Hanaiti. The Querência São José farm is located on Buriti land identified in 2001 as traditional Indian land. by cristiano - last modified 2009-11-19