15 measures to protect yourself from coronavirus when selling food

Friday, April 3, 2020
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Da Página do MST | Editado por Solange Engelmann | https://mst.org.br/2020/04/03/15-medidas-para-se-proteger-do-coronavirus-ao-comercializar-alimentos/

In addition to the valuable task of providing food to the urban population, each MST activist has the mission of preventing coronavirus from preparation to the sale of products

With this in mind, the MST presents 15 measures that producers should take in the delivery or marketing of these products. The recommendations are on the online portal Produtos da Terra Paraná and are valid for markets, stores, home delivery, as well as social programs and solidarity campaigns.  

However, the following tips will only work if they are followed, along with the general recommendations to the entire population, such as washing their hands with water and soap frequently, avoiding touching their mouths, nose and eyes with their hands, maintaining good immunity, avoiding crowds and only leaving the house when necessary.

Health experts recommend that to maintain a "good immunity" people need to have a healthy diet – the more agroecological and natural the better, sleep well, practice physical exercises, that is, exercise in some way and reduce stress. It is also essential to protect against fake news and misinformation, which can also harm our health. Look for reliable information and check what you have questions about. In addition to taking care of health and thinking about the collective, don't forget that you are also responsible for the information you share.

Check out the 15 recommendation:

  1. Sanitize with soap and bleach solution (sodium hypochlorite) all surfaces through which the food will pass: plastic boxes, packaging, food separation countertops, vehicle in which food is carried. Sanitary water should be used in the proportion of 20 ml for each liter of water, according to the recommendation of the Health Department;
  2. Sanitize products under running water;
  3. Prepare the products for delivery in portions. For example, pack the products in a plastic or paper bag, per kilo or pack;
  4. Keep a minimum of 1 meter distance from other people. The virus can also circulate through the air, through the droplets that spread as we speak;
  5. Avoid greetings, handshakes, kisses and hugs. It will not be disrespectful; on the contrary, in this period it is a necessary and respectful measure for yourself and others;
  6. Before exposing the products, sanitize the liners and countertops of the stalls with 70% alcohol;
  7. Make alcohol gel available to customers. Remember that taking care of them is also taking care of yourself;
  8. Organize service at your booth to make purchases faster, with fewer people circulating between products;
  9. Display the price of goods in a way that is visible to customers. This helps speed up shopping and reduces the need for conversations;
  10. Arrange the products on the countertop so that the customer orders what they want and you deliver it already weighed and packed, thus avoiding the handling of food by different people. In this way, only you touch food and packaging;
  11. The handling of the products and the receipt of payments (cash/card) need to be made preferably by two different people,
  12. It is recommended that the money for change be in an open box, and that the card machine be wrapped in a plastic bag, replaced as many times as possible, or often sanitized with alcohol;
  13. For each change or when touching surfaces that may have been contaminated (cardboard machines, cell phones, boxes), use gel alcohol or wash your hands;
  14. When returning to the community, repeat the hygiene of the vehicle, including the steering wheel and door handles, in addition to the delivery boxes;
  15. When you get home, separate the laundry, leaving it preferably outside the house. Before interacting with other people, take a full bath with soapy water.

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