Friday, December 30, 2022
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MST National Coordination

Recent history has presented many challenges for the working class, in particular for the MST. Our synthesis is that the MST continued accumulating forces in the construction of the struggle for land, for people’s agrarian reform and for the transformation of society.

In the last six years, we have experienced the tactic of active resistance, we have maintained organizational unity and resisted the repression promoted by the genocidal government. A repression represented by the dismantling of public policies for agrarian reform and the attempt to criminalize us.

Our tactic is linked to the ability to fulfill the social function of the land in the settlements, through the production of healthy food, implementing agroecology in practice, in a respectful relationship between human subjects and nature.

The MST engaged in solidarity with our people during the difficult years of COVID. We distributed more than 10 thousand tons of real food in a large solidarity campaign in our country. We got involved in the construction of at least 250 community kitchens. The Armazém do Campo chain was expanded, with 25 stores, becoming a reference for cultural encounters between people who share another social project. In addition, approximately 15,000 tons of food were used for school lunches, as well as many state and regional fairs, such as the renowned Cícero Guedes Fair in Rio de Janeiro and the Agrarian Reform Festival in São Paulo.

We continue with our plan “Planting trees, producing healthy food”, whose goal is to plant 100 million seedlings, this year 1.6 million were planted. To this end, dozens of nurseries were set up using the diversity of seeds from different biomes.

We reaffirm our commitment to internationalist struggles and internationalist solidarity as a class principle, with the presence of militant brigades in countries such as Haiti, Venezuela, Zambia, China, Cuba. We join Assange's solidarity campaign for freedom and the apartheid-free space campaign of the Palestinian people. And also, other solidarity campaigns with fighters from different countries.

We actively participate in the construction of various unified spaces of popular forces and entities of society, from the Fora Bolsonaro [Bolsonaro Out] campaign, in articulation with the unitary field of rural movements that brings together 22 organizations, in the Frente Brasil Popular [Brazil Popular Front], with the national and international Via Campesina , in the Permanent Campaign against Pesticides, among others.

In the field of popular communication, we contribute with the organization of necessary tools for the working class, such as the Brasil de Fato system, TVT, radio programs seeking to reach different social sectors. And acting on social media.

We dedicated the energies of many comrades and companions to the effective participation of the electoral campaign. And in the articulation of the POPULAR COMMITTEES, which are estimated to have reached seven thousand, and which we hope will remain permanent, active to organize our people in the struggles to come.

The MST decided to participate in the institutional dispute and several leaders presented themselves as popular candidates, winning 7 victories, in addition to dozens of supporters of agrarian reform in different positions in the States, Senate and Federal Chamber.

From an internal point of view, the MST will be building the process to celebrate its 40 years in 2024, when its 7th National Congress will be held. In this process, we reaffirm the centrality of the struggle for land through the occupation of large estates to advance in the production of healthy food to end hunger in our country.

Along with this, the MST watches over the political and ideological formation of its militants. To this end, it promotes the organization of schools and training centers in the 24 states where it is present.

In this regard, we highlight the resumption of face-to-face activities at Escola Nacional Florestan Fernandes (ENFF) with the holding of national and international courses, master's classes, cycles of debates, visits, organizational meetings, seminars, organization of Popular Committees, among others. The militants of the Apolônio de Carvalho Brigade actively participated in the electoral campaign as part of agitation and propaganda brigades, leafleting, motorcades, in short, they accumulated experiences of grassroots work in urban communities. The challenge of advancing in the battle of ideas is permanent.

We took advantage of this Meeting of Friends of the MST held at the ENFF premises to share this succinct balance sheet, as a political rendering of accounts for what we are doing to achieve the objectives of the MST.

In 2022 many energies were spent. We got some achievements. We have a lot to celebrate . And much more will be to come!

We invite you to continue in the fight, always!!

Guararema, December 2022.