ALBA Movements declaration: We condemn the repression of the Brazilian people

Saturday, May 27, 2017
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ALBA Movements / The Dawn News /

We condemn the repression against the Brazilian people. Direct elections now!

Last Wednesday was a turning point for the Brazilian people in its struggle against the dictatorship of Michel Temer. 150 thousand people mobilized to the calling of their grassroots, peasant, student, social organizations and unions, and reached Brasilia marching peacefully and demanding “Direct elections now”– the only solution to exit the current crisis. However, honoring the neoliberal motto of forcing its plans onto the people with repression, protesters were met with gunshots, profuse tear gas, charges of the police cavalry, and threatened by helicopters and armoured cars. 50 people were wounded and the mass, in response, went to the center of the capital of Brazil to demand Temer’s immediate resignation.

Cornered by the people and left alone by his own party, Temer took the army out to the streets, using it as an occupation force, like the military dictatorship did in the 60s. His excuse was defending the Government House and some ministries the protesters had attacked.

Temer, who’s a part of a gang of criminals and was placed in power by the right and by imperialism to crush the achievements of workers, is now clinging to his ill-gotten seat, thus creating more conflict and uncertainty about the immediate future.

We at ALBA Movements call to the mobilizations and the struggle led by the People’s Brazil Front and people’s organizations who are demanding the resignation of the putschist president and the immediate call to elections.

We also reject any potential attempt by this government to remain in power through their corrupt Parliament, or any scheme that allows the putschists to recycle their plan.

Victory against the neoliberal agenda will only be achieved through permanent mobilization on the streets. As our comrade of the Landless Workers’ Movement (MST), Joao Pedro Stedile, said: “Against repression, unity of the organized people!”