MST March Update: Kitchen Provides 24,000 Meals Daily

Two tons of foodstuffs per day, divided into 24,000 meals. In order to feed the 11,000 men, women, and children participating in the National March for Agrarian Reform (Marcha Nacional pela Reforma Agraria) 23 kitchens were set up, one in each state, and based in Anapolis (GO), a city located half-way along the journey.

The three daily meals-breakfast, lunch, and dinner-are prepared by 415 activists, who wake up before dawn to face a full day of work.

4,610 lbs. of rice, 3,130 lbs. of beans, 567.6 lbs. of sugar, 761.2 lbs. of cornmeal, 215.6 lbs. of meat and 682 lbs. of oil are utilized.

A major source of the provisions is the MST's own settlements. Only the meat, fruits, and vegetables are bought daily.
According to those responsible for the provision of meals, the menu should be light to complement the journey taking place.

The food is wrapped in aluminum foil packages that are delivered by truck and can be re-used.
Now the water arrives in 10 water trucks. Each day approximately 66 thousand gallons of water are used for drinking and bathing.