MST statement of solidarity with civil servants’ strike in Paraná

Friday, February 13, 2015

“We reject the process of dismantling citizens rights acquired by the people of Paraná and the break up of public education.”

Since February 9th, teachers and employees of public schools in Paraná have been striking against a governmental bill, approved by governor Beto Richa (Brazilian Social Democracy Party PSDB - “Partido da Social Democracia Brasileira”), which includes measures that negatively impact educators’ careers.

According to Paraná’s Public Education Workers Union (Sindicato dos Trabalhadores em Educação Pública do Paraná - APP Sindicato), the education sector is 100% paralyzed, demanding the payment of delayed workers benefits and the reopening of positions that were closed at the end of 2014.

Read below the MST’s statement of solidarity in support for the fight of teachers and civil servants on strike.

MST statement of solidarity with the teachers and civil servants on strike in Paraná

The MST publicly manifests solidarity and support for the teachers and civil servants on strike.

We reject the process by which citizens rights acquired by the people of Paraná were dismantled, the break-up of education, the withdrawal of civil servants’ rights, and also the deceitful actions taken by the Governor of Paraná and the Legislative Assembly in the name of cleaning up state finances.

It is clear that government acts such as closing down schools, cutting back on classes, worsening the working conditions for teachers, and not providing the necessary resources to maintain schools’ structures, represent a threat to education in the state of Paraná.

We defend free and quality public education, with the participation of the communities involved, and we oppose the cutting back on classes and closing down of schools in both rural areas and in the cities. In addition we demand the guarantee of dignified working conditions and respect for all teachers.