Official note from the MST on calling João Pedro Stedile to the MST CPI

Wednesday, June 21, 2023
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Summoning João Pedro Stedile to the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI) is yet another step in the criminalization of the MST

Parliamentarians linked to the ruralists and Bolsonarism deliberated, on the date of this Tuesday, June 20, to summon the member of the National Coordination of the MST, João Pedro Stedile, to give testimony at the CPI.

The collective actions that claim public policy for Agrarian Reform are the result of the concrete needs of Landless families and the result of an aggressive and secular concentration of land ownership.

Economist João Pedro is recognized worldwide as a reference and great authority on the subject of agrarian issues in Brazil and the fight against social injustice.

The CPI on the MST, more and more, has turned out to be a smokescreen to try to erase the crimes and the sad legacy of environmental destruction, murders in the countryside and class hatred of Bolsonarism.

There is still no date for João Pedro Stedile's testimony and the approved applications were presented by parliamentarians from the União Brasil, PL and PP, parties that are the basis of support for agribusiness and Bolsonarism.

June 21, 2023, São Paulo – SP

Movement of Landless Rural Workers – MST