Popular movements promote the fight against hunger this September 7 in São Paulo

Tuesday, September 6, 2022
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From the MST Page | Edited by Fernanda Alcantara | Original URL: https://mst.org.br/2022/09/06/movimentos-populares-promovem-combate-a-fome-neste-7-de-setembro-em-sao-paulo/

The 28th Cry of the Excluded will feature a political and solidarity act with breakfast for 3,000 people in Praça da Sé

This Wednesday (September 7), from 7 am, the Street Population Movement, the Campaign 'We are to shine and not to starve', the Popular Committees and the Landless Rural Workers Movement (MST) will donate breakfast to 3,000 people at Praça da Sé, in São Paulo, during the opening of the 28th Grito das Excluídas e dos Excluídos.

The activity also integrates the actions of the National Mobilization Against Hunger and Headquarters, which counts on food produced by MST cooperatives, in addition to donations from Solidarity Kitchens that are part of the organizations that build the Campaign 'People are to shine and not to die of hunger'.

“This year’s action takes place at a time when data related to food insecurity in Brazil are alarming, considering that in addition to returning to the world map of hunger, we have already counted more than 33 million hungry people in the country”, says Carla Bueno, engineer agronomist in the MST production sector and member of the 'People to shine and not to starve' campaign.

Carla also expresses that the objective of the action is to involve the homeless population in the act of the 28th Grito, “to promote a morning of collective dignity for those who are excluded, abandoned by the political system and on the margins of civil rights, when in fact they should have access to health, employment, housing, culture and education”.

“BRAZIL: 200 years of (In)dependence. For whom?"

After the coffee communion, from 9 am, there will be the opening of the political act of the 28th Cry of the Excluded, which takes place in the same place, involving social, religious and union entities.

During the act will be present Paulo Pedrini from the Workers' Ministry, Mãe Kelly from the Inter-Religious Front, Benedito Barbosa from the Popular Movements Center (CMP), Kelli Mafort from the national coordination of the MST, among other leaders of the entities present. Along the Grito, there will also be musical performances with Peripheral Revolution – Vidal and Cícero de Crato.

In its 28th edition, the Grito has as its motto “BRAZIL: 200 years of (In)dependence. For whom?”, organized throughout Brazil by various entities and popular movements based on the initiative of social pastorals, questioning the official commemorations of the Bicentennial of Independence, and pointing out that they reinforce popular exclusion and the silencing of the history of those who had their lives dedicated to the struggle for better living conditions for Brazil.