Report on FMST-US Activities in Support of MST National March for Agrarian Reform

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Since our first national gathering in November, the Friends of the MST in the United States—students, farmers, nongovernmental organizations and funders—mobilized political and financial support for Brazil’s Landless Workers Movement (MST) and their National March for Agrarian Reform held between May 1-17th, 2005. These efforts demonstrate the real strength of international solidarity. The US FMST network expanded through these efforts as reflected in the subscription jump in our listserve to more than 2500 subscribers!

April US Mobilizations Help Kick off MST March
FMST committees in Washington, DC, San Francisco, New York City, Boston and Chicago gathered at Brazil’s embassy and consulates around the country.

WASHINGTON, DC: On April 22nd, more than 60 marchers carried MST flags from American University to the Brazilian Embassy. The previous day had been filled with educational events and an attempt to construct an MST style encampment complete with black plastic tents. MST supporters were joined by students and activists and several friends and relatives of Sister Dorothy Stang to march with MST flags and signs demonstrating their goodwill towards Brazil and their solidarity with the MST. Brazilian Ambassador Roberto Abdenur met the marchers as they arrived outside of the embassy and invited 10 of them to enter the embassy for an hour-long discussion about land reform, the murder of Sister Dorothy, sustainable development and enforcing the rule of law. A letter of support for the MST was handed to the ambassador and he made the promise to “hand this letter to President Lula directly