In Vitória da Conquista, Sem Terrinha demand education in the countryside

Thursday, November 12, 2015
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MST web site

Marching through the streets of cities, the students reaffirmed their commitment to fight against thesem terrinha march privatization of public education.

by the MST Communications Collective in Bahia

On Thursday, around 500 Sem Terrinha (Children of the MST) went to the streets of Vitória da Conquista to draw society’s attention to the difficulties that schools face in the agrarian reform settlements that are located in the municipality.

Shouting: "Che’s star shines in the sky, we are Sem Terrinha of the MST", children carrying posters and banners denounced the closure of schools in the countryside and the appropriation of capital over the Brazilian educational model.

According to the collective of regional education of the MST, schools in the countryside face many problems, such as lack of infrastructure, basic sanitation, education, health, transport and leisure.

"We are marching to demand that education in the countryside is placed for discussion on the city's agenda," said the collective.

For the Sem Terrinha, being in the fight for quality education early on symbolizes recognizing themselves as constructors of their future.

An agenda with the demands of the students was presented at the City Hall and the City Council.

With this, the Sem Terrinha reaffirm the commitment to fight against the privatization of public education, against failing curricula, and for the defense of a free and quality education for all.

Day of Action

The action is part of the Day of Action and Formation in Defense of Education, which is held in October.

According to data from 2014 from the Anísio Teixeira National Institute of Educational Studies and Research (Inep), more than 37,000 schools in the countryside were closed in the last 15 years.

In Bahia, 872 schools were closed, the greatest number in the country.

Translated by Friends of the MST volunteer Sarah Marek