MST Urgent Actions

URGENT ACTION NEEDED: Stop the São Francisco river Project, Support Bishop Luiz Flavio Cappio's Hunger Strike

Dear Friends of the MST

As we conveyed in the most recent MST Informa, many NGOs and social movements in Brazil are against government's plan to redirect water from the São Francisco river. According to some estimates, the project will spend billions out of the public coffers, drastically change ecosystems, cause migration of peoples, and bring few benefits for those who most need
the water. The beneficiaries will be the big agricultural companies.

Two years ago, the Catholic bishop of the diocese of Barra, Bahia, Luiz Flavio Cappio, known as Frei Luiz, took a bold initiative and began a hunger strike as means to divert national attention to the project, and to ask the government to halt the project.

[04/17/2007] MST Asks for Your Support, "Send Letters, MST Agrarian Reform Proposals, to President Lula TODAY!"

Dear Friends of the MST,

As you know, our movement is mobilizing throughout Brazil for another campaign demanding Agrarian Reform in our country. As you also know, April 17th is the International Day of Peasant Struggle as called for by La Via Campesina International and for that reason in many countries of the world, similar campaigns and protests are being organized by peasant organizations...

So this year on April 17th, besides mobilizations, we are asking our Friends abroad, our friends in Congress and in each state capital to send a letter to President Lula with the proposals of the MST for agrarian reform. If you can, no matter where you live outside of Brazil, sign the sample letter to the President [INCLUDED], or write your own, and send it to the local Brazilian consulate or embassy and/or send emails directly to the Palacio do Planalto in Brasilia.

[03/29/2007] Call for April 17: International Day of Peasant’s Struggle

The 17th of April is the International Day of Peasant’s Struggle, established after the massacre of 19 landless peasants belonging to the Landless Movement (MST) in Brazil on the 17th of April 1996 during the second conference of La Via Campesina in Tlaxcala Mexico.

In commemoration of the International Peasant’s Struggle Day, La Via Campesina and its allies are organizing activities and actions all over the world. Peasants and friends will rally around the following demands:

[04/03/2007] URGENT ACTION SUCCESS: Judge Accepts Request, Releases MST Prisoner in Pernambuco!

Dear Friends of the MST,

Today, April the 3rd, the judge responsible for the 2nd judicial district in Recife, Pernambuco (PE), accepted the request for the provisional release of Landless Rural Worker, Iroilton Pereira de Morais.

The MST militant had been imprisoned since March the 8th, the day he was detained by military police in Recife while participating in a march to commemorate International Women’s Day.

We send thanks to everyone who helped secure the freedom of another one of our colleagues, criminalized and improperly treated by the authorities solely because they are active in our social movements.

In Struggle,
Land of Rights Legal Team

[SOLIDARITY CAMPAIGN] Compensation & settlement for the families victimized at the Felisburgo Massacre **ACT NOW**

Dear Friends of the MST,

The third week of November marks two years since the Massacre of Felisburgo (MG). On November 20, 2004, 18 hooded killers, coordinated by the rancher Adriano Chafik, went to the Promised Land encampment and shot at men, women, and children. The landless workers Iraguiar Ferreira da Silva, Miguel José dos Santos, Francisco Nascimento Rocha, Juvenal Jorge Silva and Joaquim José dos Santos were killed. Many people were wounded and 100 families lost their homes.

[09/30/06] Update on Syngenta Seeds Occupation. Lies, Lies, and More Lies. **ACT NOW**

Dear Friends of the MST and Via Campesina,

In response to the international campaign Terra de Direitos launched to
support the Via Campesina’s occupation of Syngenta Seeds, yesterday the
multinational corporation published a statement in three of Brazil’s
largest daily newspapers, including the Estado de São Paulo....

[SOLIDARITY CAMPAIGN] The Chico Mendes Encampment, here we produce dignity! **DRAFT LETTER INCLUDED**

For more than two years, nearly 500 rural landless workers from the Chico Mendes Encampment have fought for the ownership for 580 hectares of land of the Engenho São João. This is part of the Usina Tiúma, owned by the Votorantim Group, one the businesses that owns many plantations and large estates in Brazil...The farm has been idle for 17 years, since the Usina Tiúma closed. Some of those now living on the land are the ex-employees of the farm. After its closure, the workers no longer have fixed employment and are without work and homes.

[09/15/06] VICTORY: MST’s National Coordinator has decree of imprisonment REVOKED **THANKS TO ALL WHO SENT LETTERS**

Friends of the MST,

We are pleased to report that Minister Nilson Naves, of the Supreme Justice Tribunal, has just revoked the decree of preventative imprisonment filed against our comrade, Jaime Amorim, member of the MST’s National Coordinating Body for the state of Pernambuco.

This is an enormous victory against the oligarchs of Pernambuco, and it is the result of the solidarity demonstrated by all who joined us in the fight to defend Jaime Amorim!

We send thanks to all who prepared and sent letters to Minister Naves, and we share a warm embrace with you all.

- Human Rights Sector of the Landless Workers’ Movement (MST)

[09/07/06] URGENT APPEAL: MST files habeas corpus for National Coordinator, Enio Bohnenberger **DRAFT E-LETTER INCLUDED**

Dear Friends of the MST,

As many of you are aware, on the 4th of July of 2006, a judge from the 11th District Court of Belo Horizonte ordered the preventative imprisonment of our colleague Enio, member of the MST's National Coordinating Body and longtime Human Rights activist...On Tuesday [09/05/06] we filed for habeas corpus at the Minas Gerais Tribunal of Justice. It is very important that all organizations, movements, friends of the MST and others send emails/letters to the authorities, demanding the immediate release of our dear colleague.