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[08/23/06] Civil society mobilizes against impunity and the criminalization of social movements in Pernambuco

The Pastoral Land Commission of Pernambuco (CPT-PE) is calling all members of civil society into action, demanding an end to the increasing criminalization of the social movements and the impunity that reigns in cases of violence...

[08/22/06] URGENT ACTION: MST files habeas corpus, asks for international support

NOTE: Brazil's Superior Justice Tribunal decided in favor of habeas corpus for Jaime Amorim, releaseing him from prison on Monday, August 28th. Thanks to everyone who demonstrated their solidarity in this important fight!

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[08/16/06] "Monoculture is a prison, it always was". Eduardo Galeano writes to MST, Via Campesina

ALAI AMLATNA 16/08/2006, Montevideo.

-Our countries are modernizing.
Now the official discourse demands honoring the debt (though it was dishonorable), attracting investments (though these are beneath our dignity), and enter the...

Dear Friends of the MST,

We want to ask for your solidarity. On August 20, the National Indian Foundation (FUNAI) will deliver the final report about the 18,000 hectares of indigenous lands in the north of Espirito Santo, today owned by Aracruz Cellulose. The area originally belonged to the Tupiniquim and Guarani peoples but in 1967,...

[08/16/06] The Right to Land: MST inaugurates settlement in Cajamar, São Paulo

By: Ana Maria Straube

Over the past four years, 40 families of the Landless Workers’ Movement (MST) have fought and struggled for the expropriation of 120 hectares of land in the region of Cajamar, state of São Paulo. The land, which belonged to the...

RE: Support the MST & Via Campesina’s Campaign to Turn an Illegal Test Site
of Syngenta Seeds Corporation into a Center for Agroecological Research

Dear Friends,

Terra de Direitos, a Brazilian civil society organization, calls upon
you to take action...

Dear Friends of the MST,

We have below the text of Silvia Ribeiro, researcher from the Mexican ETC group, who studies the impact of the introduction of transgenic seeds into rural cultures and the dominion of the world seed market.

World Bank Against Biosecurity

By Silvia Ribeiro

The basic role of...

By Fabio Murakawa

SAO PAULO, Brazil (Reuters) - Brazil's President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva enjoys a big lead in opinion polls ahead of the country's presidential election on October 1, despite opposition from the powerful farming and food industry...

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SAO PAULO, Brazil (AP) -- Authorities are evicting thousands of peasants who have been ordered off ranches in northern Brazil by a court ruling obtained by the land owners, officials said Thursday.

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