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Brazilian Landowners Attack Landless

Brasilia, Dec 1 (Prensa Latina) Assassins hired by landowners attacked nearly 3,000 landless rural workers participating in a peaceful caravan, part of an initiative supporting Agrarian Reform in Brazil.

The violence took place Thursday while the landless people were approaching property of the...

Violent land clashes up in Brazil under Lula: report
November 30th, 2006

SAO PAULO, Brazil (Reuters) - Violent clashes over land increased during Brazil President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva's first term, disappointing rights groups that hoped the former union leader would alleviate rural tensions, a report issued on Thursday...


Dear Friends of the MST,

The third week of November marks two years since the Massacre of Felisburgo (MG). On November 20, 2004, 18 hooded killers, coordinated by the rancher Adriano Chafik, went to the Promised Land encampment and shot at men, women, and children. The landless workers Iraguiar Ferreira da Silva,...

MST: new series of mobilizations

Landless workers organize protests and occupations to demand swift action from the government in agrarian reform and changes in economic policies.

by Igor Ojeda, from the editorial staff of Brasil de Fato

No one knows if President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, reelected on October 29th, will...

Syngenta was condemned for having an illegal GMO plantation in the state, something that is illegal in their home country of Switzerland, and a centre for agro-ecological studies will now be built in its place.

by Luís Brasilino, editorial staff of Brasil de Fato

The governor of Parana, Roberto Requiao, signed a decree...

November 23, 2006

Dear Friends and Supporters of the Via Campesina Occupation of Syngenta,

A truly historic moment is upon us: On November 9 Roberto Requião, Governor of the State of Paraná, signed a decree to expropriate the test site of the Syngenta corporation in Brazil, located in Santa Tereza do Oeste, for the public...



Promised Land: Competing Visions of...

The World Needs its Small Farmers

Laura Carlsen, IRC | October 25, 2006

IRC Americas Program Column


World Food Day, commemorated on October 16, has become more of an exercise in expiation of sins than a renewal of a serious commitment to end hunger.

Throughout the world, the press decries the latest Food...


Dear Friends of the MST,

Now that the election has passed, the votes counted, and the winners and losers are known, the moment arrives to sum it up and to look ahead. Even more than counting the number of progressive congressmen and governors elected, we need to make an effort to analyze how we did and sum up the wins...

Brazil's landless poised to end election truce
Thu 26 Oct 2006 13:29:00 BST
By Peter Blackburn

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil, Oct 26 (Reuters) - From Brazil's Amazon through arid northeast backlands to the rich cane country of Sao Paulo, some 150,000 families are camped by the roadside ready to resume the fight for a plot of land....