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[01/23/07] Food Sovereignty at the World Social Forum

by Stephen Bartlett, Agricultural Missions/ National Family Farm Coalition/ Via Campesina

Standing outside Gate # 14 of the Kasarani Sports Stadium on the outskirts of Nairobi with ears of organically grown white corn and a sign that said: "Food Sovereignty: Strategies for...



Public Statement

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12 January 2007

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The Struggle for the Expropriation of Syngenta:
Showdown Between the Social Movements and Agribusiness in Brazil
by Isabella Kenfield
January 07, 2007

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End of Year Message from the MST's National Coordinating Body
At the end of the year we sum up another period of struggle.

But at the end of the year we also prepare for the new day and it’s in this period that the rain waters the land and the seed gathers strength from the earth.

Although in some moments the...

December, 2006

Activists of the MST, La Via Campesina and the other social movements are all very proud and pleased with the recognition - by Brazilian society - of our militant legal defendors.

(1) Jacques Alfonsin: Lawyer of the peoples' movements, the MST, a judicial advisor, and a founding member of RENAP (National...

[12/15/06] MST conducted 45% more land occupations under Lula, according to CPT

According to Brazil’s Pastoral Land Commission (CPT), the MST conducted 45% more land occupations during the first four years of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva’s presidency, when compared to the second four-year term of ex-president Fernando Henrique Cardoso (FHC...

Dear Friends,

Greetings from the Friends of Brazil's Landless Workers Movement! As the year comes to a close, we thought it appropriate to share our work with you in this 2006 End-of-Year Report [SEE BELOW]. As you reflect on these important solidarity efforts, many of which you helped to make successful, we also ask that you consider...


Dear Friends of the MST,

Education is a basic right for everyone, not the privilege of a few. Since 1989, it is with this conviction that the MST has fought for land reform that includes the issue of free and quality public education for rural people and in rural areas. So far, the landless movement has achieved...

BRASILIA, Brazil, Dec 12 (Reuters) - Some 100 Brazilian Indians and land-rights protestors stopped shipments from one of the world's largest wood pulp producers on Tuesday after they occupied a major port to demand land owned by the company.

Indians from the Guarani and Tupiniquim tribes brought the Portocel port of Aracruz Celulose (ARA...

Brazilian landless farmworkers occupy port to demand land

The Associated Press | Published: November 30, 2006


SAO PAULO, Brazil: Thousands of landless farmers occupied a port in a northeastern state for several hours Thursday to pressure the government to grant them ownership of land they have occupied for the past five...