Florestan Fernandes National School

MST statement of solidarity with civil servants’ strike in Paraná

“We reject the process of dismantling citizens rights acquired by the people of Paraná and the break up of public education.”

Since February 9th, teachers and employees of public schools in Paraná have been striking against a governmental bill, approved by governor Beto Richa (Brazilian Social Democracy Party PSDB - “Partido da Social Democracia Brasileira”), which includes measures that negatively impact educators’ careers.

Frida Kahlo House of Art opened at the Florestan Fernandes National School

frida kahloAgro-ecological space was built by the collective work of landless activists

By Riquieli Capitani

Frida Kahlo. This was the name given to the House of Arts, part of the Florestan Fernandes National School, (for MST political education) in the municipality of Guararema in São Paulo. The inauguration took place on the evening of January 21.