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The Uneasy Calm Continues

Now that Carnival has passed, we are beginning another political year. But looking at the horizon, what follows is a disturbing calm in the Brazilian political sitution, in which nothing appears to change the routes of the ship and the hegemony of the political and economic command of the country.


[02/28/07] Landless Workers Released!

Dear Friends of the MST,

We are pleased to inform you that Judge Francisco Milton Araújo Jr., of Aguas Belas, Pernambuco, has decided in favor of the provisional release of landless rural workers Almir Silva Xavier and Everaldo Miguel de Oliveira. The two MST activists had been imprisoned in...

The gunmen hired to murder the leader of the MST have been imprisoned in

On Wednesday the 14th of February, the Municipal Police of Aliança of
Pernambuco's Northern Zona da Mata arrested the gunmen José Edson
Leonardo (38 years old), otherwise known as Lóia, and Francisco Assis
Silva (44 years old...

Lula Government Inflates Agrarian Reform Numbers

Rubens Valente, for the Folha de São Paulo

At the end of January, the federal government announced that it had achieved a “record for agrarian reform: 381,000 rural workers without land have been settled during Lula’s first presidential term (2003-2006).

However, an...

The State and Economy in Brazil: An Introduction
by Rosa Maria Marques and Paulo Nakatani

Volume 58, Number 8
February 2007

These articles were written five months before the first round of presidential elections in Brazil, on October 1, 2006. The second round, on October 29, saw Lula reelected...

Dear Friends of the MST,

We write to let you know that Almir Silva Xavier and Everaldo Miguel Oliveira, MST rural workers and human rights defenders, have been jailed in the town of

Written by Newsroom
Monday, 12 February 2007

About 250 Kaingang, Guarani and Charrua indigenous people from Brazil performed rituals in memory of the death of Sepé Tiaraju 251 years ago on February 7 in São Gabriel, state of Rio Grande do Sul.

They performed rituals in Sanga da Bica, where the Guarani leader died, and...

SAO PAULO (Dow Jones)--The Swiss multinational seed and crop science corporation, Syngenta AG (SYT), is in the crosshairs of an anti-transgenic seed dispute it might not win in Brazil.

On Nov. 9, for the first time ever in a Latin America nation, Syngenta had one of its genetically modified crop research facilities shut down and...

For the MST’s leadership, the challenge is to build unity among the country’s social movements.

Marches, mobilizations, land occupations. These are some of the actions the MST will continue to realize as the year begins. The objective is to pressure the federal government to take concrete measures to resolve the problem of Brazil’s...

More than 600 MST families occupied an abandoned farm, “Toca da Raposa