Agribusiness Contaminated the Pardo River with Pesticides, in the Interior of São Paulo State

The contamination of the Pardo River, in the interior of SP, agricultural pesticides can cripple their drinking water due to the costs of pardo riverconstructing a water treatment plant that would eliminate these substances.

The statement is from professor of chemistry Cristina Pereira Rosa Paschoalato of Unaerp (University of Ribeirao Preto), which concluded a study on the river.

Pesticides, the poison of agribusiness, pollute food and the environment

agribusinessThe coming together of financial capital and the large farming estates has brought about what is called ‘modern’ agribusiness. The logic of land exploitation – large expanses; monocropping; the growing of grains just for export; mechanization and low salaries – needs yet another poisonous ingredient: more than a billion liters of pesticides spread over Brazil’s farmland, in 2009 alone.