MST Informa #191: Summary of the past year and perspectives for 2012


The year is ending and again we have the feeling of accomplishment for all the struggles, activities, and alliances that we’ve built and engaged in with all the various sectors of the working class. In another difficult year we had to carry out great struggles against agribusiness that continues its offensive against our lands, natural resources, and public investments.

If Bayer itself is not good: it’s the chemical warfare agents, pesticides and heroin

bayer poisonEverywhere in the world large multinationals determine the political game. One of the biggest global players is Bayer AG, present in all countries. The former subsidiaries of IG Farben (BASF, Bayer and Hoechst) dominate the European chemical industry and have an annual volume of 90 billion euros. No government or political institution, can escape the influence of this powerful mechanism.

Blood in the Amazon: Brazilian Activists Murdered as Deforestation Increases: More on the Murders of Activists

By Benjamin Dangl

Early in the morning on May 24, in the northern Brazilian Amazon, José Cláudio Ribeiro da Silva and his wife Maria do Espírito Santo da Silva got onto a motorcycle near the nature reserve they had worked on for over two decades. As the couple rode past the jungle they dedicated their lives to protecting, gunmen hiding near a bridge opened fire, killing them both.

Protestors close Vale railway to demand the killers of rural activists be imprisoned

a floresta choraBy João Márcio (Marabá, Pará)

 After an overnight vigil, peasant movements, students, teachers from the Federal University of Pará (UFPA) and settled families of the MST sealed off the Carajás railway bridge this Thursday. The bridge stands over the River Tocantins in Marabá.

 A freight train belonging to the multinational mining company, Vale, was unable to move between 5am and 10am.

Agroextractivist leader executed in Pará

jose claudio and maria do espiritu santoAgroextractivist José Claudio Ribeiro da Silva and his wife Maria do Espírito Santo were murdered on May 23 in Nova Ipixuna in the southeast of Pará. The couple had been threatened by loggers in the region. The information was confirmed by the Pastoral Land Commission (CPT) of Maraba. Both were leaving the Praia Alta Piranheira Agroextractivist Settlement Project where they lived en route to the town center when they were trapped on a bridge and shot.

Agribusiness Contaminated the Pardo River with Pesticides, in the Interior of São Paulo State

The contamination of the Pardo River, in the interior of SP, agricultural pesticides can cripple their drinking water due to the costs of pardo riverconstructing a water treatment plant that would eliminate these substances.

The statement is from professor of chemistry Cristina Pereira Rosa Paschoalato of Unaerp (University of Ribeirao Preto), which concluded a study on the river.