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Bolsonaro and his bots: how the spread of fake news about the coronavirus works

Researchers analyze fake news coming from the Bolsonaro family shared on social media

Even after Twitter, Facebook and Instagram deleted president Jair Bolsonaro’s posts after determining their content spread “disinformation” and cause “real harm to people,” the president continues to propagate fakes news about the coronavirus pandemic in speeches, on the streets and online.

Brazilian left demands Bolsonaro resign over coronavirus response

Some of the most distinguished members of the Brazilian left have demanded Jair Bolsonaro’s resignation in a biting declaration that criticised what they called his cynical and criminally irresponsible handling of the coronavirus crisis.

Brazil’s far-right president has enraged large sections of society in recent days by downplaying the virus and willfully undermining efforts to slow its advance with shutdowns and quarantines.

Bolsonaro's attack on the elderly includes pensions, cuts in the BPC and breaking of the quarantine

Expansion of emergency basic income for poor elderly was approved by the Senate, but vetoed by the president

It is not new, with the COVID-19 pandemic, that the living conditions of the elderly and retirees have been worsening in Brazil. During the government of Jair Bolsonaro (without a party), the country has been witnessing measures such as the pension reform, approved by the National Congress in October 2019.