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“We Will Continue To Take To The Streets To Fight For Democratic Elections and in Defense of the Rights of the Brazilian People”

Over the last week, in Brazil and different parts of the world, hundreds of thousands of us have been mobilizing, handing out flyers, giving public classes, holding vigils, marches, actions, roadblocks and occupations in order to promote dialogue and alert the society about the farcical trial that is being carried out against presidential candidate Lula da Silva Porto Alegre and explaining its significance: it is a prolongation of the coup that began in 2016.

Former President Lula and the MST inaugurate a soccer field in Brazil

Former president of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, participated this Saturday in the inauguration of the football field “Dr. Sócrates Brasileiro” of the National School Florestan Fernandes of the Landless Rural Worker’s Movement (MST) in Guararema, Sao Paulo.

The field is an homage to Socrates, a football player known for opposing the civic-military dictatorship in the country.

Thousands of workers mobilize against labor and pension reforms

Nation-wide protests are taking place to denounce President Temer’s deeply unpopular labor and pension laws

Thousands of Brazilian workers took to the streets on Friday to protest controversial changes to the country’s labor laws, which critics fear will undermine collective bargaining agreements, reduce the power of unions and weaken job security for Brazilian workers.