Oppression of MST and Social Movements

“Marielle Franco Presente”: Global Protest Movements Denounce the Assassination of Brazilian Activist

People across the world have responded with outrage, sadness, and grief to the assassination of Marielle Franco and her driver Anderson Pedro Gomes on Wednesday night in Rio de Janeiro. Marielle Franco was a councilwoman from the Socialism and Liberty Party (PSOL) in the city of Rio de Janeiro, and an activist who opposed the militarization of poor neighborhoods.

Photo Credit: Midia Ninja

MST grieves murder of a leader: “the shedding of workers’ blood is one more reason to fight”

Last Wednesday night, on January 24, the Landless Workers’ Movement of Brazil received the heartbreaking news that another comrade had been murdered.

Márcio Matos, MST leader who was involved in the political struggles of the state of Bahia, was found dead in his home in the Boa Sorte settlement, in the Chapada Diamantin region. According to reports by family and friends, the leader was killed with three shots, in the presence of his son.

Temer committed a responsibility crime by sending the Army to repress, jurists claim

“In practice, we are living a state of siege decreed by an illegitimate government,” pointed out the lawyer.

Article 15. The use of the Armed Forced to defend the Motherland and the constitutional powers, of law and order, and in the participation of peace missions, is responsibility of the President of the Republic, who will command the activation of operative organs to the Defense Minister and obeying the following subordination form: